Friday, April 3, 2009

The last few months have been busy

It's been ages since I've had the time to update my blog! My private readings have taken off, eating up most of my time. It's exhausting to do so many readings in a day, but the satisfaction of helping and guiding so many people has made it worth every minute.


I was relieved by Obama's win in November, 2008. At one point his prospects were so dim, I couldn't even SEE any possibilities for his presidency. As it is, the economic uncertainty is making predictions very difficult. I can however make the following predictions.

Obama's presidency will not be judged by war, but by the economy.

Even if the economy improves, the Republican party will refuse to acknowledge it, choosing instead to focus on every negative piece of economic news and blame it all on Obama. Blaming Obama for the current economic crisis will be the major Republican platform in the 2010 mid-term elections.

If the Republicans regain a congressional majority in 2010 it will be the end of Obama's ability to actually DO anything. They'll block every attempt he makes at legislation, often blocking bills they would have otherwise favored if they had been proposed by a Republican. Obama will then be declared the "do nothing President" and it will be at least two administrations before another Democrat wins the presidency.

I see no competent assassination attempts within the next year. I'm sure may of my readers know about the redneck who drove up to the white house with a shotgun and asked to see the president to "deliver a message." Most of the assassination attempts I see are of comparable complexity. The majority of the people who want him dead do so for racial, as opposed to political reasons.

This is not to say there is no chance of a successful assassination attempt. If Obama is assassinated within the next year, it will be the result of an incompetent fool who got lucky, or took advantage of a last second opportunity. There's too much raw racial hatred directed at Obama to see clearly. To put it bluntly, the ether is clouded by all the anger of racists sitting in their garages loading shotguns while they mutter racial epitaphs. Unfortunately, this interference is making it difficult to pierce the haze and look for signs of any competent assassins. If they exist, they're operating under the cover of the racist degenerates who make up the majority of those who wish Obama dead.

All this irrational, racist hatred directed towards Obama is making it difficult to see clearly into the future of his administration.

Losing the election saved McCain's life, as the stress of being president would have killed him before the mid-term elections.

McCain's pancreatic cancer has gone back into recession, but will flare up again within the next two years. He will not, however, die before 2012 unless he places his job ahead of scheduled treatments.


On the topic of McCain, Palin is, of course planning a 2012 presidential run. She has, at present, no intention of running as vice president. She wants the top job immediately.

Palin NEEDS Obama to be either an astounding success or a catastrophic failure. If he is successful, she can use this to nullify the "experience" question that dogged both her and Obam during the campaign. If he fails, she will find him an easier opponent to take down.

If, however, Obama is merely mediocre, then Plain will appear to be nothing more than a Republican version of Obama, an inexperienced person playing the "I'm oppressed" card to try and get into office. A mediocre Obama presidency will spell doom for Plain's chances in 2012.

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