Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain and Obama

The future of the United States of America is unclear. While many are writing about McCain being in trouble and Obama expecting a "Landslide" they are being foolishly optimistic or pessimistic. The race is still too close to call. Not even the scrying ceremonies that allowed me to see the outcomes of the 2000 and 2004 elections are revealing the future to me, the race is that close.

The key is in the Electoral College, the "Winner take all" absurdity used to give an entire state to a single candidate. It was responsible for the mathematical trick that allowed George W Bush to win in 2000, despite losing the popular vote by a narrow margin. The Obama / McCain race is so close, that two divergent futures are visible with equal clarity. In 2000 I was able to see two futures as well, once with Gore as President and one with Bush. The Gore future was week and watery in my vision before the end, having grown indistinct.

The Common ground, a certain death and a possible one:

McCain will not live to the end of the term. His prostate cancer is resurgent. The stress of being President will only accelerate the progress of the disease. His life is hanging by a tender thread and the more he stretches it the less time he will have. Were he to retire now and dedicate his remaining time to his health and prosperity, he may live another six years. If he is elected he will be forced to leave office before the end of his third year, with fatal damage to his health.

Obama's future is likely to be equally short, but far more bloody. He will probably be assassinated. There will be two opposed groups vying for the kill and they would never cooperate under any circumstances.

On the one hand there will be a collection of Saudi terrorists, politically descended from the organizations responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks. They see Obama as a traitor to Islam, but will seek his death for his efforts to bring the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a close. They see Iraq as a fertile recruiting ground for their troops and a way to strain the economy and resources of the United States. Obama's lack of ties to OPEC will further cast him as an outsider.

The second group desiring Obama's death will be politically and financially connected to American Skinheads and Neo-Nazis. Their motivation is the opposite of the Muslim extremists. They're convinced he's a secret Muslim, out to undermine the United States. Their combination of racial and religious hatred will drive them to some of the largest and most devastating domestic terrorism acts ever seen on US soil. While they will not, in a single attack, equal the detestation of September 11, they will dwarf the Oklahoma city bombing, which they will use as their template.

Obama will be the most targeted President in US history, but all hope is not lost. He is aware of these threats. The ultimate support for the American terrorists rests upon the cornerstone of seeing Obama as a Muslim. Shattering this illusion will likewise shatter the religious recruiting strategy for his would be Christian assassins. While there will still be a strong racial component in the desire to assassinate him, it will be a smaller, less organized force that pursues him, no greater in their scope or ability than the pro-life activists who tried so pathetically to assassinate President Clinton.

President McCain
McCain will invade Iran before the end of his first year. He will first build up concerns about the state of Iran's nuclear ambitions. Iran's own lack of candor and clarity, their attempt to appear cagey in the fact of America will only aid McCain in building the case for war in Iran.

Iran's military, being far more formidable than Iraq's, will extract a heavy toll upon the US military. To make matters worse, McCain will, like George W, commit only a fraction of the troops the Pentagon recommends. As a result the war will take three months to topple the current government, and no area will be considered secre by the Military during the entire occupation.

By his last day in office, the Unites States will have used all the interrogation techniques that were used upon McCain when he was captured in Vietnam. At no point will McCain ever admit his administration used torture.

President Palin

Palin will be in office for one to two years before the election. She will ignore her actual duties for the bulk of her time in office in order to campaign for 2012. She will neglect the Iran occupation's actual operations while proclaiming a new Holy War against Islam. Race riots will erupt and 3,000 to 6,000 Muslims in America will be killed in the resulting violence. The separation of Church and state will crumble as the teaching of Evolution is banned outright and Palin herself records a daily "Morning of Prayer" to be played in schools nationwide.

Non Christians will be demonized as "Islamic Sympathizers." While few "official" attempt to enforce religious purity will be carried out, the Federal government will turn a blind eye to civilian efforts to "Cleanse God's Country."

The 2012 election will take place, with Palin running against Hillary Clinton. Hillary's religion will become the cornerstone issue and will ultimately be used to paint here as an Islamic sympathizer in the press. Upon her defeat, Palin will have her arrested and charged under the "Justice for the Aborted" act.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Autism and Vaccination

Many contend that vaccines cause autism, while others counter that the increase in autism is a matter of improved detection and not an actual increase in the disease. The views on this matter are as varied as the people involved in the debate.

What is being ignored is the catastrophic impact the resurgence of diseases like Polio and Measles will cause. The demonization of Vaccines is gaining ground and media momentum and the percentage of Americans refusing to vaccinate their children is increasing. As the vaccinated population decreases, the vulnerable population increases.

By 2012, Polio diagnoses will become routine in many parts of America and Europe. The fact that vaccination is only 95% effective will further erode confidence in vaccines, as many parents will blame the vaccine for their child contracting the diseases. Polio and measles will be the first to mutate enough to become immune to the current vaccines. Once that happens, public opinion will turn against vaccination in general, as the media continues to blame the mutated diseases upon the vaccines. Research towards developing new vaccines will dry up due to public outcry against a perceived poison.

Clinic bombings will begin around 2015 or 2016. Convinced that doctors are deliberately poisoning their children, parents will "retaliate" by destroying medical centers rumored to be distributing vaccinations believed to be problematic.

By 2025, the few remaining effective vaccines will no longer be in use. Our current utopia of modern medicine will crumble, much like ideals of cleanliness held by the Roman Empire fell out of favor during the Middle Ages. Measles, Polio and other diseases for which we have vaccinations will surpass pre-industrial rates due to the lack of vaccinated people and the continued global scale of travel. Attempts at quarantining cities with particularly bad infection rates will spark riots. The French government will actually be toppled by such riots.

More on Bob Barr

I've been asked what my source is for the claim that there is a sex video of Bob Barr. I have not seen the video in the conventional sense, nor do I know for certain who possesses it at this moment. I have, however, seen the intentions of the video's owner, his plans for it's release and the cascade of consequences that will follow if it is released.

I would advise Bob Barr be wary of his stance on gay rights, lest he anger the activist who currently possesses the tape that could destroy Barr's career. Admitting his past is not necessary, but now is not the time to indulge in hypocrisy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The future of Pedophile Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl, who rose to infamy through forced incest, will not live to see the end of the decade. He will not attempt suicide, as he feels no remorse for what he has done. He doesn't even regret being captured. He views this as an opportunity to try and push a global agenda to legalize incest and the sexual abuse of minors.

He will attempt to associate himself with several disgusting and graphic "catch phrases" all of which advocate his behavior. None of them will achieve significant airtime.

He is already planning to defend his actions by claiming that societal disapproval of sexual relations with underage children "forced" him to "Take it underground."

He will be alive as long as he's in solitary confinement, or housed exclusively with other child molesters. Within days of being released into the general population he will be in danger.

There will be an assassination attempt during his trial, but the Austrian government will cover it up unless it is successful. The assassin is herself the victim of a similar crime. She was imprisoned for two months and her confinement went undetected by the police, as she had been locked away during a Summer when her father had separated from her mother.

Bob Barr

Bob Barr's Libertarian Presidential run will be a fiasco. There will be some attempts to apply the term "The New Nader" to Barr, but Barr will never achieve the popularity Nader enjoyed. Even Nader's fading political star outshines the highest peak Barr will reach.

He will wallow in obscurity, unless the sex tape with him and his male confidant is released. Should the tape leak he'll experience a flash of publicity, but it will not materialize into any actual votes.

Year of the Rat in Preview

Predictions 2008, the Year of the Rat

I know it's a bit late in the year to be making 2008 predictions as we're already in Mid February but many of my scrying rituals are based around Chinese New Year and take over a week to complete. As a result, my predictions for 2008 and early 2009 are only now ready for release. I'm still interpreting various portends, so there will be more news to come in a few months.

This is a reposting of my predictions, as the web site formerly hosting my insights has been sold to a fundamentalist interest. This fundamentalist sees all forms of prognostication as "From the Devil" and had all my content taken down. This was originally released in February of 2008. These predictions are for the Year of the Rat as defined by the Chinese calendar. All references to the "End of the Year" are referring to the time until the Chinese New Year in 2009

US Politics

There will be a fresh Republican scandal as another high ranking official is outed for what they themselves had previously described as "Sexual deviancy."

The fact that Rush Limbaugh took Viagra on an "All Boys Fishing trip" will not result in rumors of homosexuality. His wife however already suspects him of intending to use it with hookers and will initiate divorce proceedings before year's end. She will try to keep the pending divorce secret for as long as she can in the hope of reducing the time Limbaugh will have to mount his own legal assault. What she does not know is that ever since his first divorce Limbaugh has kept close tabs on his wives through private detectives. He'll know of her intentions before she even consults a lawyer.

2008 US Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton will, in her fervor beat Obama, use tactics that will cause a major rift in the Democratic party. This rift will result in Obama struggling to unify the party. The rift will be so severe that many Democrats will shift to the Green and Libertarian parties. This will not strengthen either party enough to make them a major player in the campaign, but it will severely deplete the Democratic base.

The actual election is too close to call at this time. There are too many undecided voters muddying the ether to see a clear outcome. While there's reason to believe a Democratic victory is in the offing, I still see a strong possibility of a Republican in the White House.

Hucabee will sit in the Oval Office before 2016, It's uncertain if it will be in the next administration or if he'll be the vice president instead of president.

Mitt Romney will attempt to get Vice President nomination, but Huckabee will be a better choice for unifying the Evangelical base.

The rumors of a "State of Emergency" being declared to cancel the elections are false. The election will not be delayed and will begin as scheduled.

There will be an increase in reported terrorist activity in October and November, causing many people to vote for McCain out of fear.


Brittany Spears will NOT die this year, but she will have at least one more period of confinement sparked by her mental problems. Her finances will begin to decline due to mismanagement and she will be too preoccupied with her mental problems to do anything about it. She will continue to flirt with Scientology. The nature of this involvement will only add to her financial problems. She will not understand the full extent of the financial damage she's doing to herself during the year.

Brittany will begin a new sexual relationship this year that will prove to be the most destructive she's ever had, in both its mental and physical toll. This new lover will record a sex tape that he plans to release AFTER her death, counting on her to die within five years. If she puts him in her will, she'll learn that he is not above helping her towards her passing.

Brittany is highly unlikely to see any of her children finish puberty.

The rift between Dr Phil and Oprah is permanent. They will stage a public reconciliation but it will not be genuine. It's uncertain how long they'll be able to maintain the fiction of having resolved their differences.

The Internet based activist group "Anonymous" will not have a lasting negative impact upon the Church of Scientology. Anonymous will have an increasingly negative portrayal in the media with the COS being seen as a victim of religious persecution by a hate group. Before the year is out there will be charges filed and members of Anonymous will stand accused of terrorist acts and hate crimes. The conflict between the mainstream media portrayal of Anonymous and the blogger community's support of Anonymous will drive a rift between proponents of "old" and "new" media.


The polar ice caps will continue to retreat. A Northwest passage will open, but for now it will only be navigable by small boats during warmer months. As a result it will not have a significant impact upon commerce.


Waterboarding will be declared legal before the leaves have fallen from the trees.

Les than 1,000 kilos of the Afghanistan bumper crop of Heroin will reach the USA. This is due in part to the high cost of smuggling from Afghanistan to the USA and part to the tight control of the Columbian drug cartels over the US market. Many people hope the Afghani bumper crop will force Colombian drug lords to increase the quality of their product to compete. This will not happen.

Government agencies will continue to drastically under estimate the amount of drugs being smuggled into the USA. Their inflated claims regarding the value of seized drugs will also continue.

No major changes in the legal status of Marijuana will occur this year.


The stimulus packages being pushed by the US Federal government will not be successful. The economy as a whole will continue to decline in the Year of the Rat. Some economic indicators will experience a brief upswing and politicians and economists will use these brief burps of isolated prosperity to claim the economy is resurging. Sadly, it will not.

US War

US Troops will not leave Iraq this year. Day to day violence will decrease for a pref period, but a major series of attacks in mid Summer will drive violence back to a fever pitch.

A new tribal leader will rise up and unify many of the fractured groups that are currently battling the US forces. This will result in a fresh surge of violence. The Pentagon will allow this initially, in the hope that the insurgent forces will become dependent upon their new leadership. This will be a tactical error and will cost them control of Baghdad in a Christmas day attack.

A covert war against Iran will begin before the last frost. The political maneuvering is already underway. An outright commitment of US troops will not happen until Iranian forces find proof of the US involvement. This covert war will include several carefully constructed "malfunctions" at Iranian centrifuges and a full blown meltdown at a small test reactor.

The terrorists responsible for the Post 9-11 Anthrax attacks will remain unidentified and unpunished.


The "humanoid figure" AKA "Sewer Zombie" reported in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK sewers is not a paranormal aspiration. It's a homeless man. He is a military vet suffering from Shell Shock (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the PC crowd). Sadly, the authorities are not taking the case seriously and are treating this like a case of jittery workers with overactive imaginations. Th vet's life and health are in danger. Despite his poor physical condition his military training makes him a threat to the sewer workers. Unless he receives help or dies before April, he will attack one of the sewer workers.

Russia will increase its campaigning for control of the North Pole. Their desire to control the thawing region will eventually escalate into a violent conflict before the end of the decade. If Putnin does not back down military personnel will become involved and the President will threaten the use of Nuclear Weapons. If Putnin does back down then the death toll will remain under 50 people.

US News

I see a total of five major school shootings this year. I live on the Western Calendar, but my predictions are based on the Chinese Calendar. As a result, it's difficult to tell if the school shootings that happened in February are among those for the entire year.

There will be an additional eight school deaths in Michigan, but none of them will receive major media attention as they'll be in poor neighborhood high schools. It's unclear how many incidents will be involved, but three of the deaths will be related.

At least two counties in the US will ban the teaching of Evolution in public schools. The efforts to teach Intelligent Design will pick up but books teaching the topic will be introduced to less than 1,000 classrooms.

Orly Taitz in the News