Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disaster far more mild than feared

I had previously written about the pain and violence that would result from Harold Camping's false prediction of a May 21, 2011 Rapture. fortunately, if that word can be applied in this situation, most of the suffering has been existential, financial and religious. There have been very few documented instances of violence related to Camping's lies.

One recent example of actual Camping caused violence is documented in the article "Harold Camping Follower Shot Man Over Rapture Belief?"

39 year old Dale O’Callaghan was one of Camping';s followers. Employed at his Father's company he was getting some ribbing from coworkers over still being on Earth after the May 21 deadline fizzled out. His reaction was to shoot and nearly cripple one of his coworkers.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I've been researching the Enlightened Eugenics Movement and the following claims have come to my attention:

There is a cabal bent on reducing the world population. The goal is to reduce population based upon behavior and not race. The Christian Dominion Eugenics Program (CDEP) seeks to get non-Christians to kill themselves off while the Enlightened Eugenics Movement (EEM) just wants the dumb people to die off.  The anti-vax movements are the result of a small number of disinformation agents whose goal is to trigger pandemics by destroying heard immunity. You only need a handful of people working behind the scenes to get something like this going. There are more than enough morons like Jenny McCarthy to happily spread the "fatal lies" without realizing they're participating in genocide.
The most insidious thing about them is at this point, no one would be willing to believe they actually exist. The "targeted populations" for example, tend to claim any evidence of something like the EEM is a Illuminati disinformation campaign to discredit the anti-vax movement. Most sane people just write it off as tinfoil hat nonsense.
You'd be surprised how much medical Woo is the result of the EEM or the CDEP. Jim Humble's MMS is a good example of the CDEP in action. I don't know if Humble is himself a "Scaly" (The scales have not fallen from his eyes) or "Sighted" (They know what's going on) agent, but the idea of getting people to drink bleach instead of seek real medical attention is an old CDEP tactic.
Those terms by the way were deliberately chosen to play to conspiracy theorist delusions.
Then again, the above could just be BS. 

I've  been sent the above text by multiple sources. It may be credible, or it may be fanciful, but it does give me more information fro delving into the truth, or fiction of the EEM and CDEP.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Death and Destruction on May 21

Saturday, May 21 will go down in infamy, dwarfing the horror of the Jonestown Massacre.

The Family Radio Cult, lead by the charismatic fiend Harold Camping is not the benign collection of zealots the media portrays. They are an End of the World cult cut from the mold of Branch Davidian.

My conviction that the May 21 crowd was planning an atrocity has been growing over the last few weeks, finally being solidified by visions I experienced over Thursday and Friday.

In one vision a giant flaming hand hundreds of meters in diameter, towering above a city and the surrounding countryside, rose up from a massive explosion on the ground. It rose into the air and crashed back down to the land below, covering it in white ash, destroying all who it touched with a pyroclastic flow. This was not the NATURAL disaster predicted by Camping, but a portend of the man made destruction his followers will cause.

The following predictions and claims are supported both by my observations and readings of the news, and the revelations given to my during my scrying rituals of the last few weeks. I make these warnings public now in the hope that some of the death and destruction being planned can be averted.

"Project Caravan" has been described by Camping and his followers as and effort to spread the word of the impending judgement and rapture. This has been a cover. According to my visions, the REAL goal of Project Caravan has been to disseminate home made poisons and weapons of mass destruction among Camping's faithful. Over the last few weeks agents have been instructed in how to place and trigger bombs throughout the nation.

Starting at 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time a wave of terrorist attacks will sweep across the nation. Camping's agents will detonate bombs throughout the land, focusing on population centers, major traffic avenues and utility infrastructure. This will coincide with a massive suicide carried out by Camping's followers. Like the fools in Jonestown, they will poison not only themselves but their children as well. Many will poison their neighbors and even strangers, convinced they are not murdering them, but freeing them to ascend to Heaven at the Rapture.

Camping's followers are convinced of the rolling Armageddon that Camping claims will sweep across the world at 6:00 pm local time. Because of this the hardest hit part of the USA will be the Eastern Time Zone, as it will be the first location of the terrorist attacks. As the clock ticks, local and federal agencies will have the opportunity to crack down on Camping's followers as they will be waiting for 6:00 pm in their local time zone to trigger their attacks and suicides.

There will be some deaths in Africa before this, as Camping has some islands of influence in impoverished areas, but the news of these deaths is unlikely to reach America in time for authorities to act.

Some US law enforcement elements have agents monitoring the May 21 cult, but many of them have been identified by members of the cult and as such are being isolated from the information they would need to mobilize a preemptive crackdown on the cult.

Stay Home.

Make sure you have a stockpile of food, water and fuel sufficient to last at least two weeks. If you live in an area where you think looting may occur then either get out or board up your windows.

Do not panic. Do not add to the destruction. Remain calm and keep together. If there are members of the May 21 cult or a "Project Caravan" until in your area stay away from them. Accept no gifts or tokens form them. Any anonymous packages left are your doorstep should be reported to the police as a potential bomb immediately.

If we persevere we will and our society will survive this tribulation.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is the Enlightened Eugenics Movement Real?

The rumors have been circulating for years, a quiet rumble under the hood of larger alliterative health movements. The claims have been circulating that the anti-vaccination movement is a mere puppet, a collection of patsies for a far more sinter goal. It's not a popular accusation, and on the rare occasions where the accusation is made, most the people who make it have been written off as big pharma stooges.

Its a disturbing thought, a collection of people dedicated to discouraging the use of modern medicine in order to kill off the people who are willing to believe conspiracy theories. I've met people who claim to be actual members of the movement. They've bragged that they can be open about it because the very people who are targeted by their campaigns would never believe the truth.

Is Andrew Wakefield a knowing eugenicist, looking to kill off millions with a measles epidemic?

Is Jenny McCarthy an unknowing fool, manipulated into infanticide by stroking her ego with "mommy instinct" propaganda?

I've looked into these claims in my rituals and have been disappointed in the lack of a real conclusion. I see no overt malevolence, no actual hatred. This is, distressingly enough, consistent with the claims of the self described Enlightened Eugenicists I've spoken to. They claim to be trying to breed smarter people by passively killing off the less intelligent. They claim to be agnostic towards the question of race and religion as "All creeds and breeds have their geniuses and their idiots." they claim to be responsible for the alleged increase of average human intelligence over the last 60 years.

They make a lot of claims, and if their claims are true, their subtle planning and machinations are not the sort that show up effectively during psychic rituals or seeing ceremonies. They've managed to cloak themselves from even these most intimate forms of examination.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conspiracy Revealed or Lame Hoax?

I get a lot of interesting e-mail.This image and the associated transcript were sent to me recently. The image is supposedly a screen shot of a youtube video discussion thread. The first comment by "Tim" is apparently a reply to a video that advocates the use of assorted alternative medicine treatments. Things get weird from there.


Tim: I have to admit, it always weirds me out to see someone participating in the eugenics program designed to pipe out their race.

Hal: I thought you guys were targeting behavior and not races?

Tim: There are some race based and religion based offshoots. It's kind of hard to reign them in without damaging the overall Eugenics program, so we let them go. The justification we use internally is that anyone dumb enough to fall for the "drink bleach" program deserves the consequences regardless of WHY a particular agent fed them misinformation.

Phaelosopher isn't a knowing agent, he's being handled. Sunk-cost and Conf-bia will keep him from taking anything I say seriously.

Hal: And you're REALLY sure you can get away with talking about this so openly on a video POSTED BY THE PERSON YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT?

Don't you think he MIGHT catch on, if you explain your plans right in front of him?

Tim: He's not going to believe me no matter what I say. He'd have to accept that everything he's been saying about MMS and alt-med has been a lie, manufactured so he could be used as a weapon to kill people. Confirmation bias has already convinced him he's in the right. Sunk cost thinking means the time and effort he's invested in this will be a major factor in him refusing to believe it's all a lie.

We've done too good a job crafting the conspiracy theory for them to see the truth.

Tim: Even if he DID believe me and he realized that things like MMS are a weapon to kill the gullible, he's entirely too profit motivated to stop. Abandoning alt-med and the conspiracies about "big pharma" would cost him his livelihood. Towing the line and being a good little misinformation agent is far more profitable. He'd just transition from an unknowing agent to knowing one.

He'll either delete these comments, or use them as a platform to claim I'm a big pharma stooge.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

PZ Myers is in mortal danger

My blog has been a low priority of late as my private practice has kept me very, very busy. My rituals have been focused on my clients. Recently however I've been having a series of visions that have shown me the well known Biologist PZ Myers is the focus of an assassination plot.

A dangerously unstable man who goes by the names of "Dennis Markuze and David Mabus" has been stalking Myers and well known atheists and scientists for a number of years. His family has been aware of past stalking behavior on his part, but is not aware of the current scope of his actions or plans. His spiritual presence is a mass of chaos, hatred and violence so pervasive that his aura resembles a war zone or recent murder scene. It wold be an understatement to call him "unhinged."

The James Randi Education Foundation has a discussion thread about his behavior. His on-line comments consist largely of death threats against atheists.

Skeptics monitor his behavior and seem to find him amusing. The irrational, seemingly mindless nature of his ranting invites ridicule, but that only feeds his hatred.

In the Fall of 2010, during a conference in Montreal, Dennis Markuze attempted to confront Myers in person. He ran away once he was recognized. The usual targets of his anger laughed it off. He was seen as a sad, pathetic man incapable of engaging with other humans in a constructive way. While this image of him is fairly accurate, he is also seen as harmless, a dangerous and potentially fatal mistake.

Markuze's hatred of Myers is an overwhelming cloud at the spiritual level. The raw anger and malevolence is so intense that both men are shrouded as if in a mist. The murder plot against Myers glows red-hot in this mist, but Markuze's anger and blood lust makes it difficult to tell if he himself intends to carry out the murder, or if he is merely a cheerleader or enabler.

I first became aware of this conflict in early January of 2011. I was performing rituals on behalf of a client who was trying to convince a skeptical relative to come see me. What I saw was an explosion of fear and grief in the life of that relative, an impending event that would shake them deeply. Naturally I probed deeper into the nature of that event and found a series of plots to violently assassinate Myers, a hero of the skeptic who had been the focus of my efforts.

At first I feared I'd uncovered a nest of murderers, each plotting to kill independently of the others. As I probed deeper I saw that the individual dreams of assassination were in fact being born of very similar sources, often only slight variations of one another. It seemed I had found not a group of assassins each planning their own dark deeds, but one or two potential killers, still trying to work out how they wanted to carry out their designs.

What surprised me most was the vividness with which these plans were being projected into the spiritual plane. I've seen murder plans before, but they were always shades of dark hatred, bloody masks and shadows that needed probing to fully reveal. This hatred and desire to murder however is so obvious, so projected and so broadcasted that vivid images of the killing and aftermath are readily accessible to anyone with the knack. The hatred is a religious fever of the sort extremists reserve for the blasphemers they most despise.

I believe that Markuze was armed during the Montreal incident. I do not know if it was a gun or a bomb that he carried, but the fire alarm that preceded his appearance was no accident. I do not know if Markuze activated the fire alarm himself, but the person who did pull it was trying to give him an opportunity to act. Markuze's ranting after the fire alarm was the result of his frustration at having failed to carry out his designs.

Markuze has not given up. If anything his failure has only intensified his need to shed blood. I want to warn all targets if his hatred and anger to be on the lookout for him. If you see him, do not engage him, do not speak to him, do not give him a chance to pull a weapon. If you see him, run. Myers joked that he would have offered to buy Markuze a beer if the man hadn't run away when recognized. I hope and pray that Myers is never in a position to make that offer, as it may end up being the last thing he ever does.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama's Father and the citizenship of the son

And here we see the real reason for this silly debate. White supremacists want to plant this outright lie in the minds of Americans. The claims about the nationality of the father dictating natural born status are lies, but racists want to use Obama to test the waters.

The end goal is to eventually revoke the citizenship of all minorities using similar lies.

If you're black, and you lose the right to vote in 10 years, this is where it started.

Orly Taitz in the News