Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Autism and Vaccination

Many contend that vaccines cause autism, while others counter that the increase in autism is a matter of improved detection and not an actual increase in the disease. The views on this matter are as varied as the people involved in the debate.

What is being ignored is the catastrophic impact the resurgence of diseases like Polio and Measles will cause. The demonization of Vaccines is gaining ground and media momentum and the percentage of Americans refusing to vaccinate their children is increasing. As the vaccinated population decreases, the vulnerable population increases.

By 2012, Polio diagnoses will become routine in many parts of America and Europe. The fact that vaccination is only 95% effective will further erode confidence in vaccines, as many parents will blame the vaccine for their child contracting the diseases. Polio and measles will be the first to mutate enough to become immune to the current vaccines. Once that happens, public opinion will turn against vaccination in general, as the media continues to blame the mutated diseases upon the vaccines. Research towards developing new vaccines will dry up due to public outcry against a perceived poison.

Clinic bombings will begin around 2015 or 2016. Convinced that doctors are deliberately poisoning their children, parents will "retaliate" by destroying medical centers rumored to be distributing vaccinations believed to be problematic.

By 2025, the few remaining effective vaccines will no longer be in use. Our current utopia of modern medicine will crumble, much like ideals of cleanliness held by the Roman Empire fell out of favor during the Middle Ages. Measles, Polio and other diseases for which we have vaccinations will surpass pre-industrial rates due to the lack of vaccinated people and the continued global scale of travel. Attempts at quarantining cities with particularly bad infection rates will spark riots. The French government will actually be toppled by such riots.

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