Thursday, August 27, 2009

I told you about this back in May of 2008

Back in May of 2008, there was NO news about Brittany's growing dependence upon Scientology, now that it's mainstream news, keep in mind I'm a psychic and I PREDICTED this back in May of 2008.

Britney Spears Wants To Be A Scientologist?!

Britney Spears Wants Scientology Marriage With Adnan Ghalib

Look back at my predictions for 2008. You'll find a LOT of hits. Feel free to use Internet archive services to see what the page looked like back in May of 2008. You'll find it hasn't changed. Unlike disreputable con artists looking to swindle folks, I don't try to create a false impression by pretending my "misses" don't exist. I just maintain a better "hit" rate than any actual psychic out there.

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping this blog up to date. My private practice keeps me hopping. Personal one-on-one sessions with clients and energy healing leaves very little time for the kind of exhausting rituals needed to make large scale predictions for an entire country!

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