Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama's Birth Certificate

They'll never shut up. They'll never let it go.

This isn't about a piece of paper. If it was the short form would have settled this.

This is about race and the damage a black president has done to the aura and psyche of racial purists. He's "not white" so they need a reason to hate him. Not understanding enough about politics to effectively criticize his policies, they choose to spit bile at his race through a proxy issue.

What we see here is a resurgence and rebranding of backward racial purity movements. The KKK and skinheads are too dirtied for common recruiting. The truth of their actions has infested the public perception of them. Now, come the "birthers" couching their racial hatred not in terms of ethnic slurs, but accusations of split loyalty, or of lying about being an American.

In my rituals, I've seen this as a new template for racists. Instead of questioning a minority on the basis of his actions or policies, they'll be attacked on the basis of patriotism and loyalty. The "birth certificate" aspect of the Obama issue is already fading, being replaced by the claim that his Father's nationality precludes the son from being President. This is but the thin edge of the wedge. This argument is already being used to in a proposed law to deny citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. Having seen into the hearts and minds of influential racists I've seen their plan. If this "Anchor Baby" law and the questions about Obama's Father's citizenship gain traction in the hearts and minds of Americans, then it will be the new forefront of assaults upon the citizenship of minorities.

Remember, most African Americans are descended from slaves. The claim that will be used by right wing hate groups is that no son of a slave could ever be loyal to America, and that stain, that taint, would follow through the generations. Expect a long series of "loyalty" and "patriotism" tests to be proposed to try and restrict the rights of minorities. The laws are already written, they're just waiting for the moment to propose them.

The birther movement is only a test, a ploy to see if the time is right for racists to try and bring back the days of Jim Crow. Beware of these vile men and women. Their plans to once again shackle you are far from certain, their success not yet guaranteed. Stand up to them now and call them out for what they are, and this may yet be nipped the bud.

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