Thursday, March 3, 2011

PZ Myers is in mortal danger

My blog has been a low priority of late as my private practice has kept me very, very busy. My rituals have been focused on my clients. Recently however I've been having a series of visions that have shown me the well known Biologist PZ Myers is the focus of an assassination plot.

A dangerously unstable man who goes by the names of "Dennis Markuze and David Mabus" has been stalking Myers and well known atheists and scientists for a number of years. His family has been aware of past stalking behavior on his part, but is not aware of the current scope of his actions or plans. His spiritual presence is a mass of chaos, hatred and violence so pervasive that his aura resembles a war zone or recent murder scene. It wold be an understatement to call him "unhinged."

The James Randi Education Foundation has a discussion thread about his behavior. His on-line comments consist largely of death threats against atheists.

Skeptics monitor his behavior and seem to find him amusing. The irrational, seemingly mindless nature of his ranting invites ridicule, but that only feeds his hatred.

In the Fall of 2010, during a conference in Montreal, Dennis Markuze attempted to confront Myers in person. He ran away once he was recognized. The usual targets of his anger laughed it off. He was seen as a sad, pathetic man incapable of engaging with other humans in a constructive way. While this image of him is fairly accurate, he is also seen as harmless, a dangerous and potentially fatal mistake.

Markuze's hatred of Myers is an overwhelming cloud at the spiritual level. The raw anger and malevolence is so intense that both men are shrouded as if in a mist. The murder plot against Myers glows red-hot in this mist, but Markuze's anger and blood lust makes it difficult to tell if he himself intends to carry out the murder, or if he is merely a cheerleader or enabler.

I first became aware of this conflict in early January of 2011. I was performing rituals on behalf of a client who was trying to convince a skeptical relative to come see me. What I saw was an explosion of fear and grief in the life of that relative, an impending event that would shake them deeply. Naturally I probed deeper into the nature of that event and found a series of plots to violently assassinate Myers, a hero of the skeptic who had been the focus of my efforts.

At first I feared I'd uncovered a nest of murderers, each plotting to kill independently of the others. As I probed deeper I saw that the individual dreams of assassination were in fact being born of very similar sources, often only slight variations of one another. It seemed I had found not a group of assassins each planning their own dark deeds, but one or two potential killers, still trying to work out how they wanted to carry out their designs.

What surprised me most was the vividness with which these plans were being projected into the spiritual plane. I've seen murder plans before, but they were always shades of dark hatred, bloody masks and shadows that needed probing to fully reveal. This hatred and desire to murder however is so obvious, so projected and so broadcasted that vivid images of the killing and aftermath are readily accessible to anyone with the knack. The hatred is a religious fever of the sort extremists reserve for the blasphemers they most despise.

I believe that Markuze was armed during the Montreal incident. I do not know if it was a gun or a bomb that he carried, but the fire alarm that preceded his appearance was no accident. I do not know if Markuze activated the fire alarm himself, but the person who did pull it was trying to give him an opportunity to act. Markuze's ranting after the fire alarm was the result of his frustration at having failed to carry out his designs.

Markuze has not given up. If anything his failure has only intensified his need to shed blood. I want to warn all targets if his hatred and anger to be on the lookout for him. If you see him, do not engage him, do not speak to him, do not give him a chance to pull a weapon. If you see him, run. Myers joked that he would have offered to buy Markuze a beer if the man hadn't run away when recognized. I hope and pray that Myers is never in a position to make that offer, as it may end up being the last thing he ever does.


shreddakj said...

I really do think that Dennis is functionally inept.

Matthew said...

Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight.

A psychic is warning a well known atheist about an impending murder attempt by a religious zealot. He got his information from some sort of psychic / religious ritual or spell, even though the murderous intent of the religious zealot is pretty obvious.

I think we've found the Internet's Dianna Troi...

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