Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conspiracy Revealed or Lame Hoax?

I get a lot of interesting e-mail.This image and the associated transcript were sent to me recently. The image is supposedly a screen shot of a youtube video discussion thread. The first comment by "Tim" is apparently a reply to a video that advocates the use of assorted alternative medicine treatments. Things get weird from there.


Tim: I have to admit, it always weirds me out to see someone participating in the eugenics program designed to pipe out their race.

Hal: I thought you guys were targeting behavior and not races?

Tim: There are some race based and religion based offshoots. It's kind of hard to reign them in without damaging the overall Eugenics program, so we let them go. The justification we use internally is that anyone dumb enough to fall for the "drink bleach" program deserves the consequences regardless of WHY a particular agent fed them misinformation.

Phaelosopher isn't a knowing agent, he's being handled. Sunk-cost and Conf-bia will keep him from taking anything I say seriously.

Hal: And you're REALLY sure you can get away with talking about this so openly on a video POSTED BY THE PERSON YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT?

Don't you think he MIGHT catch on, if you explain your plans right in front of him?

Tim: He's not going to believe me no matter what I say. He'd have to accept that everything he's been saying about MMS and alt-med has been a lie, manufactured so he could be used as a weapon to kill people. Confirmation bias has already convinced him he's in the right. Sunk cost thinking means the time and effort he's invested in this will be a major factor in him refusing to believe it's all a lie.

We've done too good a job crafting the conspiracy theory for them to see the truth.

Tim: Even if he DID believe me and he realized that things like MMS are a weapon to kill the gullible, he's entirely too profit motivated to stop. Abandoning alt-med and the conspiracies about "big pharma" would cost him his livelihood. Towing the line and being a good little misinformation agent is far more profitable. He'd just transition from an unknowing agent to knowing one.

He'll either delete these comments, or use them as a platform to claim I'm a big pharma stooge.

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