Friday, June 10, 2011

I've been researching the Enlightened Eugenics Movement and the following claims have come to my attention:

There is a cabal bent on reducing the world population. The goal is to reduce population based upon behavior and not race. The Christian Dominion Eugenics Program (CDEP) seeks to get non-Christians to kill themselves off while the Enlightened Eugenics Movement (EEM) just wants the dumb people to die off.  The anti-vax movements are the result of a small number of disinformation agents whose goal is to trigger pandemics by destroying heard immunity. You only need a handful of people working behind the scenes to get something like this going. There are more than enough morons like Jenny McCarthy to happily spread the "fatal lies" without realizing they're participating in genocide.
The most insidious thing about them is at this point, no one would be willing to believe they actually exist. The "targeted populations" for example, tend to claim any evidence of something like the EEM is a Illuminati disinformation campaign to discredit the anti-vax movement. Most sane people just write it off as tinfoil hat nonsense.
You'd be surprised how much medical Woo is the result of the EEM or the CDEP. Jim Humble's MMS is a good example of the CDEP in action. I don't know if Humble is himself a "Scaly" (The scales have not fallen from his eyes) or "Sighted" (They know what's going on) agent, but the idea of getting people to drink bleach instead of seek real medical attention is an old CDEP tactic.
Those terms by the way were deliberately chosen to play to conspiracy theorist delusions.
Then again, the above could just be BS. 

I've  been sent the above text by multiple sources. It may be credible, or it may be fanciful, but it does give me more information fro delving into the truth, or fiction of the EEM and CDEP.

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