Friday, May 20, 2011

Death and Destruction on May 21

Saturday, May 21 will go down in infamy, dwarfing the horror of the Jonestown Massacre.

The Family Radio Cult, lead by the charismatic fiend Harold Camping is not the benign collection of zealots the media portrays. They are an End of the World cult cut from the mold of Branch Davidian.

My conviction that the May 21 crowd was planning an atrocity has been growing over the last few weeks, finally being solidified by visions I experienced over Thursday and Friday.

In one vision a giant flaming hand hundreds of meters in diameter, towering above a city and the surrounding countryside, rose up from a massive explosion on the ground. It rose into the air and crashed back down to the land below, covering it in white ash, destroying all who it touched with a pyroclastic flow. This was not the NATURAL disaster predicted by Camping, but a portend of the man made destruction his followers will cause.

The following predictions and claims are supported both by my observations and readings of the news, and the revelations given to my during my scrying rituals of the last few weeks. I make these warnings public now in the hope that some of the death and destruction being planned can be averted.

"Project Caravan" has been described by Camping and his followers as and effort to spread the word of the impending judgement and rapture. This has been a cover. According to my visions, the REAL goal of Project Caravan has been to disseminate home made poisons and weapons of mass destruction among Camping's faithful. Over the last few weeks agents have been instructed in how to place and trigger bombs throughout the nation.

Starting at 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time a wave of terrorist attacks will sweep across the nation. Camping's agents will detonate bombs throughout the land, focusing on population centers, major traffic avenues and utility infrastructure. This will coincide with a massive suicide carried out by Camping's followers. Like the fools in Jonestown, they will poison not only themselves but their children as well. Many will poison their neighbors and even strangers, convinced they are not murdering them, but freeing them to ascend to Heaven at the Rapture.

Camping's followers are convinced of the rolling Armageddon that Camping claims will sweep across the world at 6:00 pm local time. Because of this the hardest hit part of the USA will be the Eastern Time Zone, as it will be the first location of the terrorist attacks. As the clock ticks, local and federal agencies will have the opportunity to crack down on Camping's followers as they will be waiting for 6:00 pm in their local time zone to trigger their attacks and suicides.

There will be some deaths in Africa before this, as Camping has some islands of influence in impoverished areas, but the news of these deaths is unlikely to reach America in time for authorities to act.

Some US law enforcement elements have agents monitoring the May 21 cult, but many of them have been identified by members of the cult and as such are being isolated from the information they would need to mobilize a preemptive crackdown on the cult.

Stay Home.

Make sure you have a stockpile of food, water and fuel sufficient to last at least two weeks. If you live in an area where you think looting may occur then either get out or board up your windows.

Do not panic. Do not add to the destruction. Remain calm and keep together. If there are members of the May 21 cult or a "Project Caravan" until in your area stay away from them. Accept no gifts or tokens form them. Any anonymous packages left are your doorstep should be reported to the police as a potential bomb immediately.

If we persevere we will and our society will survive this tribulation.

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