Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is the Enlightened Eugenics Movement Real?

The rumors have been circulating for years, a quiet rumble under the hood of larger alliterative health movements. The claims have been circulating that the anti-vaccination movement is a mere puppet, a collection of patsies for a far more sinter goal. It's not a popular accusation, and on the rare occasions where the accusation is made, most the people who make it have been written off as big pharma stooges.

Its a disturbing thought, a collection of people dedicated to discouraging the use of modern medicine in order to kill off the people who are willing to believe conspiracy theories. I've met people who claim to be actual members of the movement. They've bragged that they can be open about it because the very people who are targeted by their campaigns would never believe the truth.

Is Andrew Wakefield a knowing eugenicist, looking to kill off millions with a measles epidemic?

Is Jenny McCarthy an unknowing fool, manipulated into infanticide by stroking her ego with "mommy instinct" propaganda?

I've looked into these claims in my rituals and have been disappointed in the lack of a real conclusion. I see no overt malevolence, no actual hatred. This is, distressingly enough, consistent with the claims of the self described Enlightened Eugenicists I've spoken to. They claim to be trying to breed smarter people by passively killing off the less intelligent. They claim to be agnostic towards the question of race and religion as "All creeds and breeds have their geniuses and their idiots." they claim to be responsible for the alleged increase of average human intelligence over the last 60 years.

They make a lot of claims, and if their claims are true, their subtle planning and machinations are not the sort that show up effectively during psychic rituals or seeing ceremonies. They've managed to cloak themselves from even these most intimate forms of examination.

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